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Bill C-230.

Environmental Justice
requires the protection of Black, Indigenous & racialised communities

Under the leadership of the Canadian Coalition for Environmental and Climate Justice CCECJ is working to support the passage of Bill C-230: A National Strategy to Redress Environmental Racism. The bill is critical to confronting environmental racism in Canada and addressing the disproportionate burden these communities bear. 


If passed the bill would require the Minister of Environment & Climate Change to develop a strategy that must include measures to: 

  • examine the link between race, socio-economic status and environmental risk; 

  • collect information and statistics relating to the location of environmental hazards;

  • collect information and statistics relating to negative health outcomes in communities that have been affected by environmental racism;

  • assess the administration and enforcement of environmental laws in each province; and

  • address environmental racism including in relation to 

    • possible amendments to federal laws, policies and programs,

    • the involvement of community groups in environmental policy-making

    • compensation for individuals or communities

    • ongoing funding for affected communities, and

    • access of affected communities to clean air and water.


Dozens of organizations and communities across Canada have came out in support of this private member's bill. Unfortunately, this bill will need to be re-introduced with the new government in place, following the election of 2021 

                                            exists within Canada and we can no longer ignore this fact. Whether it’s Indigenous peoples facing mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows or exposure to chronic air and water pollution in Sarnia’s Chemical Valley, or the disproportionate siting of toxic industries around Black Nova Scotians, we cannot avoid the historical and

present patterns of discrimination. 

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